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Persuasive Presenting on Stage and on Camera Comprehensive Training

Rewards Drama's unique and comprehensive training, ''Persuasive Presenting on Stage and on Camera'' is our signature training. It utilises Amanda Meyer's background in acting, directing, psychology, and business to give you the insider's expert knowledge. This complete training will give you confidence and authority in the marketplace and media, and the voice of an effective and influential leader.


Executive Training and Consulting

Your ability to speak with confidence and persuasion shows the strength of your leadership.  Rewards Drama will give your team the expertise to speak as the leaders they are. Online or face to face options available. 1:1 services, training contracts and workshops for groups/teams, and customised solutions for your company's needs. Additionally, Amanda Meyer offers 1:1 Elite Level Leadership Transformation upon application.



Keynote speakers are an essential component of any successful conferences and events. The right keynote speaker will add something special to your event, as bringing in an outside voice creates a non-replicable spark and authority. Presentation skills are required to professionally and confidently represent a brand. Many find it challenging and few are effectively persuasive. How to do so are key elements at the core of Amanda Meyer's presentation.

Inspire. Persuade. Innovate. Lead.

Leaders need a confident voice.

They need to inspire.
They need to persuade.
They need to innovate.
They need to lead the way.

Leaders need to instil confidence in their brand, in their clients, in their staff.

Leaders need to be able to communicate effectively.

A company’s vision clearly communicated and the brand accurately represented instils trust in the company and loyalty from it’s clients.

Employees who feel like there is a lack of strong leadership and vision lose trust in leadership, the company and it’s vision which creates unhappy staff who are underutilised and unheard.

Underutilised talent and leadership result in diminished innovation, productivity, growth, revenue, and costly staff turnover.

However, leaders who are confident, compelling, and powerful brand advocates of the company’s vision bring recognition, persuade clients, and inspire employees to be active parts of increasing the bottom line.

Rewards Drama

Finally be confident in the knowledge that you know what you are doing...

And get the results to prove it.

* Get the admiration of your peers
* Receive respect and promotions
* Make the sales
* Inspire your staff
* Book the stages
* Grow the company
* Influence your audience
* Substantiate your brand

Rewards Drama translates the powerful skill set of Actors and Directors

They learn the skillset to interpret and express the written word,
Convince an audience,
Move your emotions,
Be seen as authentic and effective communicators,
and confidently master the stage and film.

Get the advantage for yourself.

Rewards Drama translates the powerful skill set of Actors and Directors

Now busy leaders and public figures can benefit from our years of training and experience with personalised attention
and ALL the training needed to quickly master the stage, room, and camera.

Complete confidentiality and privacy guaranteed if required.

This is the edge over competition.
This is the solution you need.

Structure of the Training

The Rewards Drama 'Persuasive Presenting On Stage and On Camera' training
is divided into four 'Scenes'.

Scene 1/   You Separately and You in a Team

Scene 2/   Vocal Expression and Pre-production

Scene 3/   Physical Expression and Directorial Concept

Scene 4/   Filming and Execution 

Training is available 1:1 or for a group of attendees that you chose to participate ie a team or several department heads. Both 1:1 and group training is available online or in person.

The training is delivered over TEN – 60 minute sessions. These can all be booked in advance or you can choose to book them as you go. We recommend one session per week.

After each session there is a homework task to complete. Whilst the homework task isn’t compulsory, we do strongly recommend completing it as it is designed to put into practice skills you have been taught, will help you to process the information and utilise it, and together we can work on perfecting your signature talk or upcoming presentation. 

At the end of the training you will have the complete skillset for presenting persuasively and effectively on stage, in the room, and on camera. The skills and knowledge and practical tools will be utilised by you over and over again from this moment forward.

Additionally, if you choose to engage in the homework you will also have a completed, professional, ‘ready to go’ talk!


Further support is also available after completion in the form of our monthly 1:1 consulting packages.


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Over 20+ Years of Experience

Amanda Meyer

Amanda Meyer
Founder and Director Rewards Drama

Amanda Meyer is the Founder and Creator of Rewards Drama.

Amanda is a well known authority in Public Speaking and On Camera Training and Rewards Drama is well renowned.

Her 20 year background in acting and directing means that she has the technical and practical skills to transform your speaking and videos. She teaches her expertise to corporate leaders, business owners, and public figures so they can confidently excel in a position of authority and master the stage, the room and on camera.

​She has been a guest expert speaker at conferences, workshops, retreats, podcasts and on radio.

​In addition to her work in Rewards Drama, she has taught acting, written and directed for the stage, written training programs, articles, and fictional pieces, was head of Drama at ACOPA, managed a national company, and also has a history in Business, Education, Training and Assessment, and Psychology.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Amanda speaks and trains in effective public speaking, video and presence, and consults in transformative leadership.

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