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Over 20+ Years of Experience

Your ability to speak with confidence and persuasion shows the strength of your leadership. 

Whether you are a CEO, CCO, GM, Corporate Executive, or a Public Leader, speaking like a leader is imperative to the success of you as an individual, and to your team, and to the Company.

Amanda Meyer, Australian Presentation Expert and Founder of Rewards Drama, will give you and your team the expertise to speak as the leaders you are.

Rewards Drama


We work with leading organisations and individuals internationally to help companies generate more work, build stronger client relationships, and inspire personal and professional communication skills. 'Persuasive Presenting On Stage and On Camera' is the perfect training for CEO's, Corporate Leaders, Managers, Departments and Government Bodies to become effective leaders and speakers. Success requires the ability to influence and presentation skills can make a powerful difference to executive performance and to organizational success.



In today's world, executives rightly insist on professional development programs that make an instant difference to their skill set, performance and value. Our commitment is to both the individual and the organisation, raising individual performance and generating business success. We understand that the training we provide must add to the bottom line and provide a lasting impact on your business success and career advancement. Our philosophy at Rewards Drama is based on two main principles - excellence and return on investment.



Learn persuasive communication delivery skills, and how to leverage the techniques of persuasion to shape opinions, influence behaviour and guide outcomes. Identify how spatial placement, body language and physical energy affect audiences' perceptions and how you can utilise them. Master skills such as positioning yourself as a leader, delivering the emotion and intent behind the words like actors do, stagecraft, and on camera skills, capturing your audience through the unique and comprehensive training with Rewards Drama. 

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