Persuasive Presenting On Stage and On Camera

Empowering. Transformative. Mastery.

Expert Presentation Training For The Stage, the Room and Camera

Structure of the Training

The Rewards Drama 'Persuasive Presenting On Stage and On Camera' training
is divided into four 'Scenes'.

Scene 1/   You Separately and You in a Team

Scene 2/   Vocal Expression and Pre-production

Scene 3/   Physical Expression and Directorial Concept

Scene 4/   Filming and Execution 

The training is delivered over TEN – 60 minute sessions. These can all be booked in advance or you can choose to book them as you go. We recommend one session per week.

After each session there is a homework task to complete. Whilst the homework task isn’t compulsory, we do strongly recommend completing it as it is designed to put into practice skills you have been taught, will help you to process the information and utilise it, and together we can work on perfecting your signature talk or upcoming presentation. 

At the end of the training you will have the complete skillset for presenting persuasively and effectively on stage, in the room, and on camera. The skills and knowledge and practical tools will be utilised by you over and over again from this moment forward.

Additionally, if you choose to engage in the homework you will also have a completed, professional, ‘ready to go’ talk!

 Further support is also available after completion in the form of our monthly 1:1 consulting packages.


Create Your Future Now

Rewards Drama's Signature Training
'Persuasive Presenting on Stage and On Camera'

Will teach you how to:

-Overcome fears and feel more in control
-Understand yourself better
-Collaborate with others well
-Build and strengthen your confidence
-Deliver professional results on the live or virtual stage
-Give insight into the stage and body positions and how to utilize them
-Give you practical strategies for appearing professional on camera
-Understand how to use your body effectively
-Fine-tune your talks and presentations
-Understand how to decipher a ‘script’
-Understand the power and nuance of your voice and how to use to your advantage
-Show you how to plan your intent into your content to ensure that is what the audience hears
-Provide pre-presentation warm-ups and exercises to practice and strengthen your skills
-Give you the opportunity to practice on camera skills and get guidance as you do

Choose the perfect 1:1 solution for you 

Persuasive Presenting on Stage and on Camera Training and Consulting 1:1 Options

*Discounts apply if 3 or more 1:1 packages are purchased.

For group training please contact us via the contact page for a customised quote.


online Consulting package


persuasive presenting on stage and on camera training


persuasive presenting on stage and on camera training

* Plus travel and accommodation expenses if applicable